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Ticket Balances All tickets are paid through the City of Lethbridge, when you see a balance of $0.00 it is because you do not owe the University of Lethbridge payment, but are required to pay at Lethbridge Transit or on-line at

Summer and Fall Permits 2024 For detailed information please go to the following link:

Permit Regulations Only one vehicle per permit is allowed on campus at any given time, all other vehicles will be required to use Pay and Park areas. If more than one vehicles is found on campus, all vehicles will receive a citation. If you want to Permit Share you MUST sign up for Permit Sharing and sign off to the rules and regulations. Please email to receive the Permit Share form.

Start a new parking habit: In preparation for License Plate Recognition (LPR), a new form of Parking Enforcement coming to campus, starting December 10th, 2021, please start a new parking habit of nose-in parking to avoid getting a parking ticket.

If you are not a currently registered Student, Housing Student, or Employee, you will not have access to purchase a permit. You will need to use the Pay & Park on campus. Individuals holding a current Handicap placard please contact Campus Mobility Services.

Employees wishing to purchase a permit through payroll deduction are advised to contact Campus Mobility Services at or at 403.329.2602 during regular office hours for further assistance.

We welcome suggestions as to how to make this site more efficient / user friendly. Please feel free to send comments to